YP.com Benefits from Verizon-MSFT Deal

I wrote about the Verizon-Microsoft search and ads deal at LMS and SEL. But here I wanted to talk about the indirect beneficiary of that deal: Yellowpages.com. By being Microsoft’s partner (formerly it was Superpages), Yellowpages.com advertisers gain exposure and distribution through these Live Search deals. See the result, for example for Boston Hotels from m.live.com:


Verizon has 80 million users. Not all of them are going to be searching — indeed the number is less than 20% of the mobile population right now. And it’s not clear how many Verizon customers will actually adopt Live Search after it rolls out. Regardless, however, there will be millions of Verizon users that this deal will affect in all likelihood, and through it Yellowpages gains additional exposure and distribution. 

Yellowpages has its own mobile initiatives of course. And it has had success on the iPhone with its app. But the potential reach here is huge — a pretty nice perk for being Microsoft’s partner.

I suspect this also gives a big boost to PPCall, whose natural home is mobile. Recall that Yellowpages.com purchased Ingenio last year (or was it ’07?).


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