YP.com’s 10K Video Profiles (Ads)

picture-106As an aside, I’m happy to now be able to use “YP.com” instead of “Yellowpages.com” each time I write about AT&T’s directory.

Just before Xmas, the company put out this press release:

Recently recognized with a “Most Viewed Today: Partner Channel” honor,YELLOWPAGES.COM’s successful extension of its Video Profiles to YouTube marks one year since introducing online video to its comprehensive suite of digital advertising products in November 2007. Americans viewed 13.5 billion online videos in October 2008 with YouTubeaccounting for nearly 40 percent of them in the U.S.(1) Consumers have viewed videos on YELLOWPAGES.COM’s YouTube Channel over 400,000 times with some ofthe more popular videos receiving several thousand views to date. Routinely ranked among the Top 30 U.S. Websites by comScore in 2008(2), YELLOWPAGES.COM features hundreds of new business profile videos weekly . . .

Whether on YELLOWPAGES.COM or YouTube, YELLOWPAGES.COM online videoprofiles enable businesses to engage consumers by providing a personal view oftheir business before calling or walking through the company’s door. Fiftyfive percent of consumers who visit YELLOWPAGES.COM make a purchase as aresult of their visit(3). Because consumers opt into viewing videos — unlikeTV ads — an impressive 81 percent(4) of videos played on YELLOWPAGES.COM have been viewed in their entirety. Video profiles for attorneys, dentists andrestaurants are among the most highly viewed(5).


As interesting as this may be it’s still not a compelling and entirely effective presentation of the videos themselves. GetFav, for example, is a video directory — imperfect but it’s pushing video front and center as a differentiator. Video can and should play a more significant role at directory sites. Making it more prominent for consumers will make it an easier sale too.

Yellowpages’ YouTube site should be organized like an IYP with categories and a more prominent search function (if permitted within YouTube). Consumers would then start using it like an IYP potentially and it would drive even more leads and sales. Why not, for example, have a “categories” link that would organize the videos into YP headings:


Back on YP.com, make the video more prominent (similar to the icons on YouTube) and limit or eliminate the (mini-banner) graphical ad units, which undoubtedly bring in money but clutter the site:


There’s my $.02.


Related: Andrew Shotland offers his rationale for why AT&T paid $3.5 million for the YP.com domain.


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    […] Many companies put videos on their own sites or directories put them up and very often the videos wind up on YouTube.  That helps for SEO but doesn’t really represent actual distribution in my mind. […]

  2. Stan Says:

    I read somewhere online that yellowpages.travel is the last one left to get scooped up. I wonder if they own YP.travel??

  3. The Evolution of YouTube « Screenwerk Says:

    […] when they’re on YouTube. This is why I’ve argued that 10,000 SMB videos on YouTube doesn’t make lots of difference right now for AT&T or for YouTube. People aren’t doing yellow pages searches on YouTube — but one day they may be. They […]

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