Newspaper Solution: Shun the Web?

This very interesting story appeared in the NY Times: 

Finally, I thought, a story about a print organization that has found a way to tame the Web and come up with a digital business approach that could serve as a model. Except that TriCityNews of Monmouth County, N.J., is prospering precisely because it aggressively ignores the Web. Its Web site has a little boilerplate about the product and lists ad rates, but nothing more. (The address is, for all the good it will do you.)

“Why would I put anything on the Web?” asked Dan Jacobson, the publisher and owner of the newspaper. “I don’t understand how putting content on the Web would do anything but help destroy our paper. Why should we give our readers any incentive whatsoever to not look at our content along with our advertisements, a large number of which are beautiful and cheap full-page ads?”

Other publications much larger than TriCityNews have been wondering about pumping resources into a medium that does not seem to show a promise of returns any time soon.

What do you think, should newspapers retreat en masse from the Internet?

4 Responses to “Newspaper Solution: Shun the Web?”

  1. Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins Says:

    Are you seriously asking that, or is it a joke?

    How could there even be any question as to whether the Internet is a viable place to run a news business?

  2. Randy Hoffman Says:

    Perhaps Mr. Jacobsen should take a look at the above link. Of course nothing like West Seattle Blog could crop up in Monmouth County, NJ. Nah, couldn’t happen, won’t happen – No worries, Mr. Jacobsen.

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    I agree it’s not an option for metro dailies. But it was provocative so I posted it.

  4. Eric Moyer Says:

    And here in the Bay Area there’s the ‘Daily Post’ doing the same thing:

    “We’re a newspaper,” Mr. Pavelich said in an interview yesterday as he returned from shuttling his inaugural edition to newsboxes around town. “The Internet is a form of broadcast to me. We’re not broadcasters. We just don’t have the time to run two businesses.”

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