Superpages, Not Yellowpages, First with Products

picture-39So the other day I said that was first out of the gate among IYPs with product search. I was very wrong. Stress and overwork has destroyed my memory it would appear. Yell in the UK some time ago had product search although it’s not clear whether that continues today (I couldn’t find it, Emma?).

I said that Superpages had an early implementation with ShopLocal of product search. But in fact Superpages did a deal with Krillion (same supplier/vendor to and I even blogged about it in November! My God what has happened to my mind? 

Here’s my post.

2 Responses to “Superpages, Not Yellowpages, First with Products”

  1. Joel Toledano Says:

    It’s OK, Greg – we at Krillion forgive you! You’ve been such a prolific blogger that even you can’t keep track of it all, so take some time off to enjoy the holidays.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Thanks Joel. You too.

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