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picture-612The URL was acquired by AT&T (actually BellSouth and SBC at the time) for something approaching $100 million dollars. At the time it was ridiculed by some as too high a price to pay for a URL, but in retrospect it is clear that AT&T was acquiring not a URL but the “yellow pages brand” — at least online. Today the company announced that it had acquired the “” URL. now redirects to

Formerly was owned by the company that became LiveDeal after a merger of the two entities more than a year ago. The brand arguably had become tainted by questionnable sales practices and alleged “cramming.” The company then adopted the LiveDeal name/brand.

I asked AT&T to tell me how much they’d paid for “” . . . but alas they would not. How much do you think that URL was worth?


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  1. John Says:


    according to Live Deal Inc’s SEC filing the domain was sold for US$ 3,850,000.


  2. Greg Sterling Says:


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  4. AhmedF Says:

    Paid $3.85 million.

  5. Greg Sterling Says:

    Yes that’s in the comment above.

  6. David Rodecker Says:

    Greg, do you know if the transaction included’s assets?

    YP had offices in Arizona, employees, technology, and a client base. The value could be a minor percentage of the transactions. If they only got the domain; it would appear that LiveDeal is still operating YP.Net (& and is thereby continuing to compete for the same advertisers.

  7. Greg Sterling Says:

    Don’t believe so, think it was just the URL. But you can look at the filing.

  8. Dan Lester Says:

    I wander whether
    will ever sell for anything approaching YP?

    жс.com is the Russian version of YP

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