Google Asking Businesses about Local Services

Mike Blumenthal points out that Google is surveying SMBs about their attitudes toward Google’s local services: “This short survey is being conducted as a project to analyze use of local search tools by businesses and business owners.”

(CORRECTION: Mike just informed me this is likely NOT a survey from Google itself.  Who’s doing it then?)

Mike discusses the second page in the survey in particular (this is the final substantive page other than demo questions):


Google seems to be trying to determine how satisfied business owners are with Google Maps/Local and its features and their position within results. It’s also trying to figure out how many people are relying on third parties to manage their content and whether they would be willing to pay Google directly for new service options.

The idea of charging businesses directly to control their listings or for enhanced listings/services is actually a good idea I think. But the issue recapitulates the much-discussed and debated self service question. However, Google’s John Hanke told me some time ago that the number of local businesses that had interacted with Google’s Local Business Center was in the “low seven figures.”

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  1. Dave Hucker Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up Steve. (I’ll try to read your blog more often)

    I went to Blumenthal’s blog and read the post and comments—and added my own which I’m posting below here:

    “It may very well be a company who depends heavily on Google in their business model. In my conversations recently with one of Google’s data suppliers, I got word that certain changes were being made with respect to agreements between Google and data suppliers.

    I immediately surmised a change in the way G gets its data or just how many data sources they use would affect those supplying the data and other service companies who’s interest is in maintaining the current status quo of Google features.

    I hope to stop by more often to visit Mike’s blog”

  2. Dave Hucker Says:


    I was at a client’s office today and one of the employees asked me how to update some information in their Google Maps listing.

    While showing them, I noted that Google is now asking them to “do a survey” right next to the print icon in the (large size) Google Map when doing a community edit.

    Interesting, no?

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    They’ve done customer surveys re the LBC before. What was the nature of the survey?

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