New HP Flex Display: Plastic Paper

HP has come out with a new flexible display technology that apparently shows color — something like plastic paper — or a very very thin screen. The NY Times suggests it has application in the newspaper industry. And certainly it does; but in that context it raises immediate questions: Is it more like a disposable physical paper or more like an ebook reader? How does it impact the business model?

However the application of this technology may be much broader and extend to a range of industries:

Flexible displays are paper-like computer displays made almost entirely of plastic. This technology enables displays to become easily portable and consumes less power than today’s computer displays. Popular applications for the technology could include electronic paper and signage.

The production feat is a milestone in the industry’s efforts to create a mass market for high-resolution flexible displays. Plus, from an environmental standpoint, the displays leapfrog conventional display processes by using up to 90 percent less materials by volume.

Mass production of such displays can enable production of notebook computers, smart phones and other electronic devices at much lower costs since the display is one of the more costly components.


Related: This isn’t the first flexible display technology of course, but it may be the most advanced.


Troubled McClatchy is putting its marquee paper, the Miami Herald, up for sale according to the NY Times:

The Herald is one of the largest of McClatchy’s 30 daily papers, with daily circulation of 210,000, and arguably the most prestigious, having won 19 Pulitzer Prizes. But it is not clear what kind of bids it might fetch, if any; with newspaper profits shrinking fast, the economy contracting and credit tight, many newspapers have been on the block for months without selling.

Meanwhile the NY Times is considering mortgaging its NY Headquarters for additional cash. It may also sell to raise cash.

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