Obama and Zune

picture-1Zune has struggled to make inroads against the dominant iPod. And recently we heard rumors of a forthcoming Zune phone.

But if a rumor that Obama uses a Zune is true, it could be a “hipness” boost for the device. Gizmodo is the source of the rumor/assertion.

Whether or not you voted for him Obama is the “coolest” incoming president since JFK and will influence young people in particular.

I’m being serious that awareness of him using a Zune would add greater pop-culture “legitimacy” to the device, which has heretofore been largely seen as a wannabe iPod.

4 Responses to “Obama and Zune”

  1. sergi bosch Says:

    have you noticed how “ipod” has become the defacto word for describing “digital audio player”? just like Kleenex means “facial tissue” to most people. it’s tough to compete with that.

  2. Dan Says:

    If it becomes a phone President Elect Obama will not be able to use it because of security reasons.

  3. Greg Sterling Says:


  4. Thomas Lund Says:


    Good point, it could also hurt their ability to protect the brand when the brand becomes a “common word”.

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