WebVisible Buys Adapt SEM

picture-281Local search marketing firm/platform WebVisible has acquired Adapt SEM, which provides a range of tools for automated management of search marketing. Here’s how the release characterizes the benefits of the deal for WebVisible:

Adapt SEM has developed versatile search marketing software that complements the WebVisible platform. Users will benefit from an expanded solution that gives additional controls over campaign management, optimization and analytics reporting, including: A high-end keyword intelligence and search query semantic engine that enhances the ability to generate and select the most relevant, long-tail keywords; robust ad copy and landing page testing; comprehensive cost-per-action (CPA) tracking for precise performance optimization; powerful sales tools that enable customers to perform detailed competitive analysis of keyword coverage, average search-rank position and market share; and algorithms to fortify WebVisible’s already strong and highly sophisticated campaign optimization capability.

This is probably about both analytics and scalable automation.

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