Trulia + Placecast = More Local Ads


I missed this yesterday: 

Today, leading real estate site,, and interactive media company, 1020 Placecast, have announced their partnership, using location information to target specific audiences for advertisers and deliver more relevant messages to them on

Placecast adds a new dimension to audience targeting by using location information as the key to relevance. In Trulia’s case, the starting points are the real estate locations in which users express interest. Placecast’s proprietary targeting algorithms correlate these with dozens of other demographic, psychographic and geographic data points. 

Placecast is using location/place as a proxy for all sorts of other things, much in the same way that I’ve spoken about neighborhood targeting as the key to unlocking demographics online. 

If I understand this then, there will be many other types of ads that will start appearing on Trulia, beyond industries and activities “adjacent” to real estate.

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