TeachStreet Launches in Bay Area

picture-182TeachStreet, a local directory matching teachers and students of all kinds, has launched in the Bay Area. Here’s the press release.

Here’s what CEO Dave Schappell said in an email to me:

We’ll have coverage spanning San Francisco, Oakland/Berkeley, San Jose, and everything in between.  We’ve been pushing for the last few months and the Bay Area expansion is really exciting.  We’ll be adding more than 65,000 additional classes, teachers and schools… more than doubling on our 50,000 combined from Seattle and Portland.

4 Responses to “TeachStreet Launches in Bay Area”

  1. Dave Schappell Says:

    Thanks for the coverage, Greg — we appreciate it.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Sure. Say more; feel free to append, embellish, explain . . .

  3. Press Coverage for San Francisco Bay Area Launch | TeachStreet Blog Says:

    […] TeachStreet Launches in Bay Area by Greg Sterling (Screenwerk blog) […]

  4. Dave Schappell Says:

    The week since launch has been a bit of a whirlwind — reception across the Bay Area’s blown us away, with special attention being paid to the ‘supplement your income’ angle. While we were aware that some folks enjoy this take on the story, we didn’t expect the level of interest that it’s generating. I guess it makes sense, given the economy, and the type of service that we offer people (helping them establish their presence online, and find more/new students).

    In addition, our currrent customers have been really excited about the much improved local search functionality that this launch brought — previously, our search was constrained to the specific city that someone searched in, so if a class or teacher was located right over a city line, they wouldn’t surface. Our engineers have revamped that experience to now show a much broader list of results. In addition, the results separate ‘teachers’ from ‘classes’; this was one of the top search feature requests we had, and the modification sets us up for additional content types to be surfaced in search (i.e. articles, videos, Q&A) in the future.

    The team’s now hard at work on enabling additional forms of content creation (beyond simply posting classes and reviews of classes) as well as more robust syndication tools for teachers (beyond posting on TeachStreet and taking advantage of our Craigslist templates), and we’re then moving on to experimentation with premium service offerings for teachers and schools.

    We welcome any feedback and suggestions.

    Thanks again, Greg.

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