Localeze Offers ‘White Label’ Local Search

picture-72Localeze put out an announcement today about offering a new, outsourced local search database and functionality via a partnership with Intelligenx. The program is called “ContentReach“:

ContentReach is powered by the Intelligenx Discovery Engine and offers online publishers the option to outsource a highly intelligent search engine backed by a managed database of premium business listings. The application filters, selects, ranks, builds and returns the most relevant results, providing users with on-demand access to as many as 16 million local business listings. These functions are seamlessly executed via a direct interface with the Localeze Business Registry, a robust relational database containing premium Localeze business listing content, including Gold Sourced content, verified by local businesses themselves.

It would appear that there’s no “built-in” monetization (read: ads). Rather sites get the opportunity through adding local search to gain incremental revenue via their own sales efforts.

Newspapers or TV affiliate sites or radio station sites would be an obvious market for this. Thus it would appear to be competitive with Local.com’s efforts with its Local Connect offering. However in the latter case there are also ads integrated into the package.


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2 Responses to “Localeze Offers ‘White Label’ Local Search”

  1. Malcolm Lewis Says:


    Good to see another private/white label local search solution enter the market. Further validates the space and the opportunity for local media companies.

    I’m glad you mentioned monetization. Folks sometimes forget that the primary goal of any private label local search solution is to drive incremental traffic and revenues. Providing a passive monetization option via third-party ad feeds, in addition to any premium listing sales opportunities, makes sense for everyone.

    I think traffic is also often overlooked when discussing private label local search solutions. I believe that the majority of local searches are more likely to start on Google than they are on a local publisher or TV/radio station website. So the name of the game for local media companies is to deploy a local search directory with strong SEO capabilities so that their directory pages show up on Google pages when users perform local searches on Google.

    Caveat: I’m GM of Local.com’s Local Connect solution (aka PremierGuide)

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