Fast Take on News of the Morning

I’m at a mobile marketing event and so don’t have the time this morning to give all these things the necessary treatment. But here are some noteworthy items:

  • Mike Blumenthal has a very interesting post about Google and TeleAtlas’ community data-update strategy and methodology
  • Where2GetIt has been disseminating its store and product inventory locator services across a broad range of partners. Escalate Retail is the latest. In tandem with other developments/announcements from TheFind, NearbyNow and Krillion, this is a segment that is moving very fast.
  • Richard Rosen of FastCall411 wrote an interesting piece in iMedia about his local mobile search experiences and the variable and bad data that he found. He also makes suggestions about how to improve the data.
  • I also recently wrote something for iMedia on why mobile marketing is increasingly important to consider.
  • Clickable reported this week that it found, among the large numbers of SMBs using the company’s search marketing platform: “over 50%  . . . fail to properly track successes, or conversions, resulting in wasted marketing investment and lost opportunity.” Clickable is a very interesting company and platform if you’re unfamiliar with it. (Here’s a very early short post I did on the company.)
  • In the non-local realm, Windows Live gets an update and expands its scope.

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