Local Product Search Comes to Superpages

Superpages has added local product search and inventory data (for big boxes) in partnership with Krillion. Here’s the press release. And here’s what it looks like for Best Buy in Emeryville, CA on the search results page:


Below is the listing-profile page. The “check local inventory” call to action is in the box just below the address information:


Here’s the product-level page for the particular store showing popular or on-sale products (after the click). Krillion CEO Joel Toledano told me that this display of products would change over time as more data is gleaned from Superpages users. 


Krillion is also providing local inventory data for Consumer Reports. There are more such deals coming.

NearbyNow is also providing inventory data for third parties (e.g., TheFind, among others). We’re going to see an explosion of these types of deals in the next quarter or two now that the underlying data infrastructure exists. This kind of information will be a must-have for anyone in the local space — or the shopping space for that matter.


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