BooRah Reviews Integrated into InfoUSA Data

picture-113InfoUSA has been busy enhancing its data. The latest installment of that process involves the intregration of BooRah’s ratings/review aggregation. According to the press release:

BooRah will provide ratings and reviews for approximately 150,000 of infoUSA’s restaurant listings. BooRah’s content will be linked to infoUSA’s individual record ID Numbers, which can then be added to infoUSA’s base record data including company name, address, phone number and category (SIC Codes).

BooRah co-founder Nagaraju Bandaru told me via email that the company has “map[ped] all our attributes for every one of infoUSA’s records.” Given the frequency of the changes/updates, the BooRah data updates will be provided to InfoUSA customers directly via a feed.


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  1. mike Says:

    I wonder why boorah would do that. Are they getting paid? Are they getting traffic (links to them the same way infousa asks for attribution on other websites)?

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Don’t know the precise financial arrangement. It may involve licensing but it’s also syndication and potential clicks (I assume) for BooRah.

  3. Chris Travers Says:

    FYI, this IUSA identifier is really becoming a key for business identity and linking content across most search sites. FYI, in our own recently announced dealwith infoUSA, when someone lists with it not only now goes to all the additional infoUSA locations (including 411, mobile and GPS navigation) but it also gets an IUSA number if it does not already have one. UBL will be making more use of this critical connector going forward. It is becoming a defacto industry solution.

  4. Pankaj Mathur Says:

    Hi Mike,

    The advantages are two fold, from BooRah’s perspective it is increase distribution and from end customers perspective it is near elimination of “data match and append process”.

    Consider matching “KFC” and “Kentucky Fried Chicken” or “KFC-Taco Bell” and then throw in variations of addresses and then repeat the process across multiple content providers 😉

    Hope you get the idea.

  5. ian Says:

    That’s why Urban Mapping announced a similar arrangement for its neighborhood database–customers save significant dev time and the value is self-evident. No need for multiple merge & purge events on a single dataset.

  6. mt2 Says:

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