Obama & the Internet

Using technology and “new media” (including mobile) in ways that were unprecedented for a political campaign helped Barack Obama win the White House. Now the question is will he dismantle that “infrastructure”? Don’t bet on it.

I will predict that Obama will maintain a “private” network online that he’ll use — separate and apart from the official White House website and other formal US channels — to communicate with and influence supporters and interested parties, including his website, Facebook and YouTube.


And he may continue to raise money in the “off season.”

We’re in a new era folks.


Update: here’s the new site: change.gov.


7 Responses to “Obama & the Internet”

  1. Jeff Werner Says:

    I find it interesting that the ‘socialist’ was the one that said, “I don’t need a government handout for my campaign,” and went on to employ some of the most effective online media strategies for awareness, activism and financing from private citizens. That’s capitalism, isn’t it?

    He and his staff certainly understand the value what new media brought in the election, and I agree he will likely continue to use it as an effective communication tool during his administration.

  2. AhmedF Says:

    I’m hoping the socialist and marxist memes can die soon.

  3. Thomas Lund Says:

    Jeff, your comment irrelevant and off topic.

  4. earlpearl Says:


    Nonwithstanding the comments above, with regard to two elements of your post;

    Obama, internet.

    I hope you are a happy, satisfied, and rested person. 😉


  5. Greg Sterling Says:

    Happy but not rested. 😦

  6. MiriamEllis Says:

    My mother and sister are hatching a plot to get the whole Obama network to donate $10 to erase the national debt! Now, I’m not sure if this would actually work, but the mobilization that has gone on across the country surrounding this campaign is truly awesome. My sister was blogging on the Obama site throughout his campaign and she says the folks there do not want to give up their community. In fact, someone told her, “I can’t wait for him to tell us what he wants us to do next.”

    Really something.

  7. Greg Sterling Says:

    Yes, this is a very interesting opportunity.

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