Passing of the Torch: TV to Internet

This election has been discussed as a seminal one for many reasons: historical firsts among the candidates, more sophisticated organizational strategies and data mining, use of mobile messaging, etc. But from a consumer perspective it also represents a “passing of the torch” from TV to the Internet.

While people will be watching TV tonight in the US to monitor election returns, as many or more people will be using the Internet to view video and keep tabs on real-time developments. Many people will be watching TV in the background while they’re online or bouncing back and forth. But for many if not most people between the ages of 18 and 50 in major US metro areas, the Internet has replaced TV as the primary news and information source — certainly for this election. 

To that end Matt McGee has a great post about all the search resources online to discover election results when the polls start to close later today. 


Feel free to contradict me if you think I’m wrong.


Check out Google Hot Trends from today: 



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    What if we think you are right? 🙂

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