MapQuest & the Value of Customer Service

Miriam Ellis, a frequent commenter on this blog, reports on a very positive customer service experience she had with MapQuest around a client’s listing:

In my continuing documentation of our efforts to get a client’s incorrect maps/business data corrected, I’d like to document here my phone conversation with Sandy, a very helpful MapQuest employee.

For all of you groaning over the anonymity of Google Maps, even when the businesses in their index are being robbed blinder than bats by LBC hijackers, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that things are done differently at MapQuest. Not only did I have the pleasure of speaking to an employee who understood exactly what my client’s concerns are, but I was told the following information that will come as a beauteous example of taking care of business to everyone evincing signs of Google bruises . . .

I will conclude by saying that I have yet to hear from Google, MSN or TeleAtlas regarding my reports and that MapQuest continues to come out way ahead of the crowd for the job they are doing in ensuring accurate data. I’m really happy to think that we’ll have made some progress for this client by the end of next week with MapQuest.

In other MapQuest news, last week the site added an “AddThis” button (to syndicate/distribute the content to third parties) to MapQuest Local:


One Response to “MapQuest & the Value of Customer Service”

  1. MiriamEllis Says:

    Hi Greg,
    I’m glad you liked this article. It really does make a huge difference when a Mapping entity staffs customer relations. It was so nice to get to speak with real people at MapQuest and that experience has made a lasting impression on me and further clarified my dissatisfaction with their competitors.

    I have been asking around but have yet to turn up an answer to this – Greg, do you have contact info (email, phone?) for anyone at Yahoo! Local? I need to talk to them. Like the other 3 players, they had my client’s business info incorrectly placed on their map. They have now completely deleted his listing…it cannot be found by either a business name search or address search. I would really like to make direct contact with someone there if that’s at all possible, but have yet to find a way to do this. Any ideas?

    Thank you so much for the nice article.

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