Christian Science Monitor Ends Daily Paper

Is it a watershed and harbinger of things to come or is it an outlier? The venerable Christian Science Monitor (published for 100 years)  is ending its daily print publication and will publish instead online. It will still publish a weekly print edition. According to AP:

The newspaper has been operating at a loss for years, and has received a subsidy from the church to fund the deficit. In the current fiscal year, the newspaper’s operating costs were about $25.7 million, but the church paid about $13.3 million of that.

Over the next five years, the church wants to move to a break-even point where it does not have to subsidize the newspaper anymore, said [Editor John] Yemma. To do that, the newspaper needs to focus on the Web, Yemma said.

Here’s additional coverage from the New York Times.

5 Responses to “Christian Science Monitor Ends Daily Paper”

  1. Dick Larkin Says:

    While I don’t read this paper, they will certainly feel the loss of the tangible distribution.

    It is unfortunate that the model became unsustainable. My guess is that several years ago they scaled back their salesforce and stopped investing in selling ads.

    They will save money by not printing, but they will not replace it with web publishing.

    I believe many more undersupported dailies will suffer a similar fate.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Yes, they will be saving costs but as you say they will also be losing revenues.

  3. earlpearl Says:

    I think its sad.

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  5. dianew Says:

    One of the partners chosen by the Monitor to help implement this on-line edition has this post on its company blog today regarding the project

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