Am Towns and the Fabric of Daily Life

AmericanTowns is a local network that is often overshadowed by flashier and more well-heeled rivals. However the site seems to be humming along nicely, reporting traffic growth that makes it six times larger than it was in 2007. 

AmericanTowns says it added 300K posts and contributions from people throughout its network in 2008. It’s also adding unusual local content, such as school lunch menus and school bus routes — not sexy but valuable to parents. In addition, AmericanTowns appears to be taking on a quasi-public role with some local municipalities. According to a press release the company issued:

AmericanTowns is becoming a key resource for municipal entities. Towns in several parts of the country are asking AmericanTowns to provide its tools to connect their communities. The town government of Franklin, MA, recently selected AmericanTowns to host all of their local community group information, including links and related information for community organizations, and a shared community calendar that includes an RSS feed of municipal events. Also, The Town of Ossining (NY), Village of Ossining, Ossining Public Library and Ossining School District jointly announced their collaboration with AmericanTowns to create a shared Community Calendar, reducing scheduling conflicts and providing a centralized online destination for Ossining’s citizens to find and share local information.

Indeed, its events and community calendar appear to be especially successful for the site. And it distributes events to larger entities such as Zvents and Superpages. Because it’s dealing with such nuts and bolts, practical “everyday” issues at such a local level, the company has traction and staying power in ways that wouldn’t be equally true if it was a local restaurant guide, for example.

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