Busy Morning: G1 and Google DIY Display

I’ve written a couple of long posts on Google announcements and the G1.

At LocalMobileSearch and Search Engine Land I’ve rounded up the mostly positive but mixed G1 reviews out today and added some of my thoughts about the evolution of the mobile marketplace.

Also at Search Engine Land I’ve posted about Google’s new DIY Display Ads Builder (demo video below) and Google’s TV Ads distribution announcement with Harris Corporation.

Google reports Q3 earnings later today at 4:30 ET.

2 Responses to “Busy Morning: G1 and Google DIY Display”

  1. paul Says:

    I think the G1 is going to be very popular, not sure if they have sold the 1.5 Million as reported but a worthy competitor to the iPhone.

    Lots of reviews of the G1 are available on my blog: http://g1phone.blogspot.com

  2. AdWeek Claims Display Can Be Like Search - Just Add Self-Serve Says:

    […] the oft-quoted Greg Sterling of Sterling Market Intelligence gets on the bandwagon saying, “There isn’t a reason that (self-service ad platforms) […]

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