Yet Another View of SMBs and Online Marketing

Webhosting and small business marketing firm Market Hardware works with many trade associations to promote its services to SMBs in the US. The following are some interesting recent data from a survey conducted by the company earlier this year.

The survey was manually filled out by respondents and faxed back in. Respondents weren’t provided with any incentive to answer the survey.

Respondents are all businesses of 50 employees or fewer. According to Market Hardware CEO Brian Kraff they over-index for websites because: “[T]hese folks are association members [and] they probably represent the top quartile of SMBs vis-à-vis tech/marketing sophistication and success.”

Assuming that characterization is accurate, the 13% number in the final slide/question probably represents the ceiling for self-service. Note that 87% don’t or are unsure how to advertise on search engines.


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