Obama Ads Appearing in Video Games

Amazing. GigaOM has the story:

Last week we noted unconfirmed sightings of an “Obama for President” billboard in the Xbox 360 racing game Burnout Paradise. Today we’re able to report that it is, in fact, an official advertisement placed by the senator’s campaign team.

Image Credit: GigaOM

My only question: are the young males who play the game old enough to vote? 🙂


9 Responses to “Obama Ads Appearing in Video Games”

  1. David Thurman Says:

    For some reason this bothers me. I keep feeling more and more like 1984 was just given the wrong title for the movie, should have been 2010. S

    Maybe the angle is to get the kids to pester the parents to vote for “Insert Name Here” same as placing all the toy ads.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Yes I agree. There’s a disturbing element.

  3. Matt McGee Says:

    You’d be surprised at how old many gamers are (says the 40-year-old who won’t give up his PS2).


  4. Greg Sterling Says:

    I’m a “casual gamer”

  5. Steve Espinosa Says:

    It will be interesting to see how this turns out. The last two elections the democrats have relied on the younger voter base (who is typically democrat) to make it the voting polls and it never happens.

    We will see if this new era of marketing with Obama’s iPhone App and now video game advertising.

  6. Allan Says:

    Or will they just stay home and play games and never go to the booth?

  7. Bobby Says:

    I will no longer support games that support in game advertisments. I am already spending 70+ dollars per game and don’t see to see pro Obama ads or anything else that someone is trying to sell while I’m supposed to be enjoying my time.

  8. mchammer Says:

    Gotta love those flashgames. I’ve wasted way too much time of my life on them ^^

  9. Kim Says:

    When did gaming become political? This shouldn’t be in a video game.

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