Coupons at Moment of Opportunity

The bad economy is driving more coupon usage. There have recently been some interesting developments in online coupon sites and syndication (e.g., Brandcaster), but they’re still not at the level of prominence that I would expect. There remains an opportunity here — especially for Google, Microsoft and Yahoo to integrate coupons into search results.

To Yahoo: create a coupon shortcut for CPG and other categories. ShopLocal, Valpak and others have the data.

This is coupons’ moment.

Source: Scarborough Research

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  1. Tim Cohn Says:

    Indeed integrating coupons into search results possibly even giving them there own property like Google Coupons etc. sounds right.

    Short of there own property, maybe they could be fed into Google Base?

    I found an interesting search pattern for coupons and wrote about here:

  2. Christian Dion Says:

    This is very interesting. What does slow the development of application and adoption of “secured” print at home internet printable coupon?

    I’d like your point of view:
    CPGs and retailers seem obsessed with what they call “fraud” on Internet printable coupons such as the one found on
    I realize they have multiple security check in place, but do anybody know what is the actual % fraud level experimented in US?
    I so much think it is such a misconception…Internet printable coupons (such as are the safest of all from manufacturers… Unless it is a coupon for free items valued over $2.
    In fact, off line coupons are the worst. Retailers just tear down the pads and get to claim the redemption. It’s a question of semantic.

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    I believe that digital coupons, especially in mobile will soon overcome some of these fraud concerns. There’s too much momentum in that direction.

  4. Christian Dion Says:

    Thanks Greg for your quick response… I appreciate.

  5. Tim Cohn Says:

    Upload coupon feeds into Google here:

  6. Tim Cohn Says:

    Gian Fulgoni has written an informative post about coupons here:

  7. April iSaversNetwork Says:

    The iSaversNetwork is a new company that has all those printable online coupons in one searchable place. They also have discounts for restaurants, entertainment, and travel plus a budgeting planner. šŸ™‚

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