AdSense on Maps, API Next?

While I was out yesterday Google launched AdSense for Maps (see bottom of map):

These AdSense ads are apparently being seen in India and the UK as well as the US. I did a number of searches on Google Maps and didn’t see ads every time — many times however.

TechCrunch’s Erick Schonfeld thinks that this is partly a response to the economy and Google’s declining stock price. While the economy may have accelerated the move, I don’t think that Google is doing this directly in response to the recession or its falling market cap.

What I think is more interesting to consider is the following: Will Google do this on all its partners’ sites? In other words, all the sites that have adopted Google Maps as a central part of their interface. Some publishers would welcome the ads, but many others would be upset. Here are the terms of service regarding advertising on Maps:

1.5 Advertising. The Service does not include advertising in the maps images. However, Google reserves the right to include advertising in the maps images provided to You through the Service, but will provide You with ninety (90) days notice prior to the commencement of advertising. Such notice may be provided on relevant Google websites, including but not limited to the Google Maps API Blog and the Google Maps API Group (or such successor URLs that Google may designate from time to time). During that 90 day period, you may terminate your use of the Service, or provide notice of your refusal to accept advertising in accordance with Google’s policies and procedures for providing such notice (which Google may make available from time to time in its sole discretion).

I think Google will be careful not to alienate partners. But if Schonfeld is correct in his assessment of Google’s motivations, and Google is trying to wring money from Maps, we might expect to see expansion of the program to third parties in Q4 or Q1 next year.


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  1. Test Posting Says:

    […] AdSense on Maps, API Next? […]

  2. martijn Says:

    These ads were already available for some weeks now I believe (at least 2). The question raised could have been one for Eric Stein 🙂

    my thouhts;
    I doubt they will push ads in 3rd party maps anytime soon as long as their data is so inconsistent.

    OR they will provide us with a ad free service as well, at a reasonable low price for the API (NOT enterprise use!).

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    I think google will be quite cautious about extending this to third party sites. But the appearance of the ads raises the question for me.

  4. Readership Up This Week Says:

    […] AdSense on Maps, API Next? […]

  5. Jon Says:

    I wonder if they will offer 3rd party sites the choice to opt-in to Adsense on maps (a bit like Adsense in RSS feeds) – perhaps paying them a percentage of the revenue to encourage uptake?

  6. martijn Says:

    Local Business Ads on the content network will be a big mess for the content provider i reckon.

  7. Vickie McGee Says:

    The Google Maps API already supports ads. It’s turned off by default, but they could change that in the future.

  8. Mike Bunnell Says:

    The Google Maps API TOS indicates they will give 90-day notice to API users that ads are coming, and allow them to opt out of displaying ads.

  9. Best Free Adsense tips Says:

    There’s now a project to add Adsense in Flash video games so evrything is possible for Google.


  10. RSS Feeds? Says:

    […] AdSense on Maps, API Next? […]

  11. Buongiorno StreetView « Screenwerk Says:

    […] I was looking at images of the Duomo in Florence (middle pictures) I saw AdSense at the bottom of the map that advertised “hotels near the […]

  12. Dan Says:

    Has anyone run adsense on maps and got any feedback?

  13. Greg Sterling Says:

    I’ve not seen any feedback to date.

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