Krillion Product Locator for OEM Sites

Manufacturer websites are extremely popular among consumers as one point of information in the product research cycle. And the store or dealer locator is one of the most popular features on OEMs. Companies such as Where2GetIt and Shopatron are trying to leverage that consumer traffic on OEM sites to direct consumers to places where they can find local inventory. 

For its part, Krillion has just introduced a new offering for manufacturers called the Krillion Product Locator. According to the release that went out this morning the service offers consumers the ability to locate very similar products by the same maker if the desired product is currently out of stock at a local retailer:

Krillion’s “intelligent sales agent” automatically searches for other, locally available products whose attributes closely match those sought by the shopper. A rules-based approach is used so that similar products of the same or higher value are suggested. The system can also take into consideration new products that replace current models, and can offer a substitute for models not yet available at retailers. In all cases, only products that are known to be in stock with local retailers are displayed, ensuring that the shopper is never presented with a “this product is not in stock locally” dead-end situation that leads to website abandonment.

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