Who Is an Online Advertiser?

Palore’s Hanan Lifshitz has done a column at SEL, which shows some interesting numbers for the San Diego CA market. Basically here’s what the company found in crawling dozens of sites: 

But the company took a closer look at the 45% of San Diego SMBs who qualify as “online advertisers” and found that most of this group pays a small amount of money (e.g., $10 per month) to be included online as part of a print-online bundle: 

Would you consider the 35% to be “online advertisers”?


7 Responses to “Who Is an Online Advertiser?”

  1. Susan Says:

    I wouldn’t, but it would be interesting to hear the opinion of the SMB. I would hazard a guess that most of these advertisers would consider their online program to be “free”.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    It’s a relevant question in terms of revenues and in terms of willingness of these “bundled” folks to buy other online ad/marketing services.

  3. Susan Says:

    Given the low percentage of pureplay advertisers identified in this study, my guess is that the number is currently pretty low. And, I think most of us here are heavily invested in the idea that it is changing rapidly – for the better.

  4. Steve Cissel Says:

    “And, I think most of us here are heavily invested in the idea that it is changing rapidly – for the better.”

    You Betcha (said Alaskan style)!

    Seriously though, what is it going to take to get the SMB’s to bite a mouth full instead of nibbling like they are?

    Might a ‘pile of testimonials’ or some market research from the 10% slice be something that all of could use as PR in our marketplaces?

    If it already exists, please point me in the right direction.


  5. Susan Says:

    Steve – isn’t that the 65 thousand/million/billion dollar question?

  6. Steve Cissel Says:

    I guess it is the ultimate question.

    But if it don’t work, let’s pack up and go home. Truth is, it does work when relevant.

    Either the message is falling on deaf ears, or it is not loud enough.

    I say not loud enough.

  7. Sandra Sowers Says:

    I have been a consultant for several years working with SMB with their print and online advertising.

    I feel I have a good description of who an online advertiser is.
    They are any SMB who spends money for paid advertising or Organic advertising.

    Whether you are paying a search engine directly or an agency, you are a SMB who is considered to be an online advertiser.

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