Sean Greene in the RHD Hot Seat

There are a lot of people out there making more money (I think) than I am. RH Donnelley’s Sean Greene is probably one of them, especially given his new appointment as SVP of Corporate Strategy and Biz Dev:

In his new role, Greene will direct the company’s comprehensive strategic plan to help ensure the company delivers on its objectives as a leading-edge, full-service sales, marketing and lead-delivery organization for small- and medium-sized businesses. In addition, Greene’s team will help identify and engage potential partners that help move the company’s business forward.

He deserves to make whatever they’re paying him because being an executive at a print yellow pages publisher these days is very very tough. It’s not a job I would want. Nobody can say it’s boring to be in yellow pages these days.

All kidding aside, Greene is very smart guy and up to the challenge — it’s just an enormous challenge, strategically, creatively and in terms of execution.

Congratulations and good luck Sean. May the [sales] Force be with you. 🙂

4 Responses to “Sean Greene in the RHD Hot Seat”

  1. ypcommando Says:

    This was a very good move on RHD’s part, because Sean has continually been a thought leader and a proponent for the local business advertiser.

    He deserves the big bucks. It won’t be easy.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:


  3. Will Scott Says:

    This is a good move. I’ve known Sean for years and he’s been nibbling at the edges of this beast for years. I’m glad to see him take such a commanding role.

    How many miles does it take to turn an aircraft carrier?


  4. Greg Sterling Says:

    Is that like the question: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

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