Zillow Launches ‘Professional Directory’

Building out more content and services, Seattle-based Zillow launched a “professional directory” (don’t call it yellow pages) this morning. It’s free to be listed. 

It’s a logical extension of both Zillow’s effort to build more community and to provide real-estate-related service professionals with access to Zillow’s five-plus million users. Competing most directly with ServiceMagic perhaps, it provides listings the four broad categories above. In the “home improvement” category the directory looks like this:

I’m guessing that featured ads will ultimately make their way in here but there are currently none. On the other hand, the site has added free services and content regularly to get visitors to come back with greater frequency. In a down market — way down — this also makes sense. It’s a way to give people who are not buying or selling, but doing other things (i.e., remodeling), value from coming to Zillow.

There are no ratings and reviews of these professionals either, but I suspect they’ll be added too at some point.

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  1. Malcolm Lewis Says:

    Interesting and logical move. But not sure why they started with an empty directory. I would have expected them to license the basic content and then invite SMBs to enhance/upgrade($) their free listing. I would also expect them to distribute ads from superpages, etc.

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