Off Topic: VotefortheMILF

I saw this on the Twitter elections site and I couldn’t believe it: You’d think this was some sort of joke or parody site. No . . . it redirects to MaCain’s site, complete with a video of Palin making a pitch:

I guess they’re “making lemonade” here. But life and political satire have truly switched places.

I’d like to see the mainstream news TV coverage on this one: “Parents you may want to remove your children from the room . . .”

And for those who may have missed it, here’s the recent Couric-Palin SNL skit featuring Tina Fey.

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  1. Todd Says:

    FYI….Anybody can register a domain name for about $8 bucks and redirect it to another site without permission from the final site. I could register or and point them to each of their respective websites. It certainly doesn’t mean the campaigns themselves are behind the domain you reference….but who knows.

    Sidenote….it is a pretty funny activity by someone who registered the domain and points it directly to the McCain website. I have no intentions of registering the domain names above and made them up purely for examples.


  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    re the registration question. It’s not entirely clear. It may have been a defensive thing but if it truly was registered by McCain’s campaign it sure looks bad.

  3. Chris Rock Rips - this clip rocks! « A Fuller View Says:

    […] of VP hope full Sarah Palinthat’s for sure. I am also truly shocked and amazed at the cheap promotional website – how low can you go? Anyway, Chris Rock did a great piece on Letterman last week – below is one of […]

  4. Truedition Says:

    Here is a little more on McCain’s strategy.
    Hope the mainstream media picks this up.

  5. Bryan Says:

    I was a bit skeptical myself – however, when doing a DNS lookup (ping), both and resolve to the same IP address. Now while it’s possible to have a domain point somewhere else, you can’t actually have it point and resolve to your server without adding it to your server.

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  7. B. Chandra Says:

    From the site:

    “ was a simple prank.

    All of the sites claiming or inferring John McCain’s campaign owns the domains and registered them privately to dodge the possible scandal are making up what they think is news without actually checking the facts.”

  8. Darrin Chavera Says:

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