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Nielsen put out consumer research in May that showed 80% of consumer electronics purchasers bought from a store whose Web site they visited first. Here are some additional data from that survey in graphical form (click to enlarge) involving “high consideration” purchases.

The question is: “Why did you make your most recent purchase in a local store rather than online?”

Source: Nielsen, May 2008

The chart below offers somewhat more nuanced data from Krillion and the e-tailing Group on the same general issue:

Source: Source: Web/Store Cross-channel Shopping Study, Krillion & e-tailing group, February 2008

As I’ve tried to argue, there’s often an offline stimulus that precedes Internet research (which then drives offline sales). That stimulus is often traditional media:

Source: Source: Web/Store Cross-channel Shopping Study, Krillion & e-tailing group, February 2008

And here’s the convoluted world of consumer product research online in terms of popularity of the various online sites and resources (according to the Krillion-e-taling study):

  1. Visit the manufacturer’s website
  2. Go to one of my favorite retailers online to learn more about what they have to offer and their prices
  3. Go to a comparison shopping engine to check out prices of the products in which I’m interested
  4. Conduct a search online and look at a handful of search listings found
  5. Visit a store or several stores to preview the product and then go online to learn more
  6. Go to a search engine that has brands I’m looking for and local information about availability and pricing

According to that same study there are gender differences in attitudes and behavior:

  • Women are more traditional, favoring word-of-mouth, catalogs, magazines & newspapers
  • Men are more Web-centric, embracing online promotions, banner ads and email

While consumer behavior is becoming more complex and e-commerce continues to grow (albeit at a slower pace) here’s the typical consumer behavior pattern:


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  2. Nico P. Says:

    It’s interesting to see that almost 2 years after
    – Some pure player have start to open Real store to enable Customer to touche/see the product
    – More and more the shipping fees are decreasing
    – Retailers start more and more to propose Buy on Line Pich in store option


  3. Dallas 4g Wireless Says:

    God love yahoo, very cool site. Have a good day.

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