‘Number 1 LS Platform’

AT&T put out a press release today, which asserts that it’s the “Number 1 Local Search Platform.” Here’s what the release says:

AT&T today announced that its subsidiary YELLOWPAGES.COM was unanimously selected as the best local search platform in a survey of national advertisers conducted by Deutsche Bank and the Association of National Advertisers. When asked to rank the local search platforms of major U.S. print publishers from best to worst, all 12 respondents ranked YELLOWPAGES.COM No. 1. The findings underscore YELLOWPAGES.COM’s leadership in local search and highlight the value created by connecting advertisers with customers anywhere, anytime.

According to the Deutsche Bank research report, “YELLOWPAGES.COM’s top ranking is due to being viewed as a superior lead-generation vehicle compared to the other websites.” Survey respondents saw the most traffic and highest conversion from YELLOWPAGES.COM. The scale, scope and brand were called out as key advantages. According to one respondent, “YELLOWPAGES.COM by far and away, produces the most leads — the others are not even close.”
Here’s the methodology:
Deutsche Bank, “Yellow Pages: Frustration in National Channel,” Aug. 26, 2008 — Based on a five question online survey of 12 national yellow pages advertisers in conjunction with the telephone directory committee of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA).
These are existing yellow pages advertisers asked to compare yellow pages publishers’ online platforms. The survey apparently didn’t include search engines (e.g., Google, Yahoo, MSFT,, etc.). Accordingly, it seems to me, there’s some overreaching going on in the headline.

6 Responses to “ ‘Number 1 LS Platform’”

  1. Dave Says:

    I’m curious, how did the other US publishers websites rank?

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Here’s the ranking (n=12 national advertisers):

    1. AT&T
    2. Idearc
    3. Yellowbook (Yell Group plc)
    4. RH Donnelley

  3. B Says:

    Um… First of all, is 12 really all they could come up with? That’s not really a big enough sample size to be relevant… But anyways, the 12 were national advertisers (probably national-local – national companies with local presence), but still, shouldn’t we be asking local advertisers how this works for them? They’re the ones who drive the most revenues here, because they don’t have the other options national players have, like national TV, etc. Maybe you can be more clear in that caveat.

  4. Greg Sterling Says:

    I was just reacting to the press release. Yes SMBs are important — there’s more volume but fewer dollars. Average YP advertiser spend is between $3500 and $4K annually.

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