Where2GetIt and Mixpo Localize Video

It must be video day here at Screenwerk. The second video-related announcement today came from Where2GetIt and Mixpo. This time it’s focused on brands, franchises and retailers rather than SMBs:

Where 2 Get It, Inc., a leading provider of location-based services that drive consumers into local businesses and find where to buy products online, today announced a strategic partnership with Mixpo, an online video advertising provider, that will allow Where 2 Get It’s national brand clients to leverage one of the fastest-growing Internet search trends: video search engine optimization (SEO).

Mixpo, specialists in localizing video through a pioneering online video advertising platform, will enable Where 2 Get It’s client businesses to easily and affordably create, deploy, and optimize online video advertisements for SEO. Videos have proven to drive measurable results and fuel more effective marketing campaigns, which Where 2 Get It will offer to clients purchasing its Search Locator solution. The platform provides the ability to drive direct response and measure click-through and other activity happening within the video itself.

The videos appear on the locator pages hosted by Where2GetIt. Here’s an example for Office Depot. The video is in the upper left:

Beyond making the page more interesting and engaging, this helps with both branding and SEO.

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