Gates-Seinfeld Commercial #2

Here’s commercial No 2. It may not sell any PCs and people don’t like this campaign, but I do:

More substantive posting later. I’ve had a long week at CTIA and a long meeting and presentation today. Also, I’m spending way too much time thinking about the potential outcome of the November election and what it may mean for this country.


Re Politics: for those on the fence, here are two important articles to read:


3 Responses to “Gates-Seinfeld Commercial #2”

  1. Observer Says:

    Hey Greg,

    Could you please include ICANN’s activities in your blog? Back in Jun-08, ICANN agreed on the concept of approving both Dot-City domains and Dot-Company domains. Dot-NYC, amongst others, is in play and even the City of New York is looking to acquire Dot-NYC. Here’s the link to the City of New York’s resolution to acquire Dot-NYC –


  2. Scott Says:

    Who said people don’t like this campaign; i do. It is a great commercial and thanks for posting it here.

  3. Jerry Seinfeld Says:

    I’ve seen this ad all over the internet, and to be honest.. it’s pretty crappy. Better then the first one, granted, but still crap.

    Not to say Seinfeld is crap though :).


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