Dial Directions Brings Speech to the iPhone

Beating out a host of other, larger companies working on speech for the iPhone, startup Dial Directions has introduced “Say Where,” a speech application for local business search, reviews and maps & directions. Using the Safari browser it can tap into sites like MapQuest, Google Maps, YellowPages.com, Yelp and so on.

Here’s a video demo:

There’s slightly more discussion at Local Mobile Search.

5 Responses to “Dial Directions Brings Speech to the iPhone”

  1. Rian Fowler Says:

    Ugh- Mapquest? That’s a deal breaker for me.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Believe it also may work with Google Maps.

  3. Rich Rosen Says:

    Dial Directions is at DEMO this week (up any minute now). I predict that they will blow the crowds away with “Say Where”. Microsoft, who is a sponsor, will be all over them.

  4. Greg Sterling Says:

    Will be interesting to see. Looks like a pretty cool app.

  5. Voice Search Optimization: When Local Gets Vocal Says:

    […] Say Where (thanks Greg) […]

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