Consumer Reactions to Different Ad Types

In April, Dynamic Logic issued the results of a consumer survey (n=933, 9/07)) among US adults that asked about attitudes toward different types of advertising. This was previously covered by a number of news outlets; but I ran across it again and thought it was worth posting.

Here’s a chart reflecting the results, arrayed from positive to negative:

Newspaper ads are most positively viewed, while telemarketing is at the bottom, despised by 72% of respondents.

What’s striking is that traditional advertising is generally, more favorably regarded than ditigal/new media. Paradoxically, the advertising that is ascendant is more strongly disliked by consumers.


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  2. Darrin Clement Says:

    Hi Greg,

    This is interesting, though your last sentence says it all: many other studies have shown conclusively that what consumers “say” they respond to ends up being quite different from what they actually respond to.

    I wish I could cite those studies, but I know the direct response guru’s cite them all the time. This is also why Focus Groups often mislead marketers: when consumers cogitate about their choices, they actually choose differently than they do in the real world. The only studies I trust are the ones that measure real-world behavior.

    Interesting nonetheless!

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    Agree. Behavior is better than attitudes. I just wrote something about mobile advertising that illustrates the point that people don’t like it in the abstract but when presented with specific offers, their attitudes change.

  4. Vinicius Vacanti Says:


    “Radio ads” was the most surprising category to me on the list. They are very intrusive and unavoidable (most listeners can’t fast forward through them or flip to the next page). How could online search ads be less favorably viewed given that most are not nearly as intrusive?

    Perhaps another variable that affects user’s perception of advertising formats is time. As people get more and more exposed to an advertising format, they start to get more comfortable and view them more favorably. If that were true, than it isn’t a paradox that the “advertising that is ascendant is more strongly disliked by consumers”, it should be expected. Now, clearly time isn’t the only variable as intrusiveness and others also plays a key part, which would explain telemarketing.

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