Brownbook Launches in US Market

The UK-based wiki-like community edited directory has launched in the US. The site’s ambitions are global, however.

The site will take some time to build “critical mass” in terms of listings and certainly reviews content. But it offers quite an SEO opportunity and is ultimately angling for Wikipedia like status in search results. (Spam may become an issue as it become more visible.)

Here’s my short original post on the site.


4 Responses to “Brownbook Launches in US Market”

  1. Will Scott Says:

    Hey Greg and friends,

    We’ve been putting our clients in Brownbook since I was first introduced to them on your blog.

    They’re already showing up in the natural listings and as “Web pages” in Google LBC.

    From what we’re seeing its a strong directory with great SEO and Local Search potential. It seems like these guys are on a good path.

    And no, we don’t have a business relationship.


  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Confirming my suspicion about the value of playing there.

  3. Marc Lyne Says:

    Thanks Will nice to hear from you, thanks for your words of endorsement.
    Marc –

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