Zvents, MTV Team Up on College Sites

MTV, which is developing a network of “Campus Daily Guides,” has partnered with Zvents to offer events, local content and ads on a series of local sites targeting college students. Here’s an example site for George Washington University in Washington, DC:

There are currently 25 sites in the US, with an equal number more expected to launch by the end of the year.

These sites are potentially very effective marketing vehicles and could become widely used, depending on how well MTV manages them and develops their content. If it’s done thoughtfully and well it could become a powerful “hyper-local” cityguide network for twenthysomethings. If done cynically or in a perfunctory way, it could fall flat.

In any event (so to speak) it’s another good distribution deal for Zvents in the company’s quest to evolve and broaden its reach.


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