Judy’s Book Coming Back?

From a consumer standpoint, most people don’t know that Judy’s Book effectively shut down. The site has remained live. Theoretically, the assets were for sale and I’m assuming somebody bought them. After the departure of CEO Andy Sack and co-founder Chris DeVore I hadn’t heard what had happened however.

Last week on vacation I got this email:

Judy’s Book has gone through some major changes and now we are inviting you to take a first peak into the new website.

We have gone back to our roots and are committed to being a book of local secrets that helps you make decisions. All the best information on the web has been collected on this one site, so now there is no need for you to look elsewhere.

All that’s missing now is you! People value the opinions of their friends and so do we. That is why we invite you to come share your opinions on the local restaurants, shops, contractors, dentists and other businesses. We want your voice to be heard and will recognize you as a “Friend of Judy’s” on your profile.

Come check out the new features and start creating your own book of local secrets to share.

So the original vision for Judy’s Book, now with the tag line “a book of local secrets,” appears to be on again. I’ll be interested to hear who’s now running the site and what they’re going to do differently to “monetize it.” The challenge of selling advertising directly to SMBs was what caused Sack and DeVore to shift their model and to become a “local deals” site in the first place.

I’m going to guess somebody with a sales channel bought the site for the traffic.


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  1. todd sawicki Says:

    andy liu (founder of buddytv) and some other investors bought the assets. judy’s book has one developer working out of the same office building as buddytv. no clue of the plans for the company but in a meeting with another company the judy’s book “office” was pointed out to me.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:


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    […] a Comeback? By Greg Sterling Judy’s Book is no longer run by Andy Sack. It’s assets were acquired and the company relaunched late last year. Tonight I got this in my email […]

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