Blinkx Seeking to Acquire Miva is the story of a missed opportunity. The former FindWhat acquired early EU PPC ad network ESpotting several years ago and had a leading position in various EU markets, which it lost to Google and Yahoo. It was also the first company to bring PPCall to market (using Ingenio’s platform before Ingenio went out on its own).

At every turn there were problems and missteps.

Now video search engine and monetization platform Blinkx is seeking to buy the company for $1.20 per share vs. $.078 (at close). SearchEngineWatch has the company’s letter to the Miva board. There are few specifics regarding how the company might integrate Miva’s assets but it would be an accelaration of the ad network that Blinkx has been trying to build.

Many of the former Miva executives (including those from ESpotting) are now with SteakMedia.

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