TheFind Introduces iPhone App

We got time with TheFind CEO Siva Kumar a couple of weeks ago in anticipation of the company’s iPhone launch. The company has formally announced its iPhone app and it’s likely to be a game changer for TheFind, which is a terrific engine but has had limited consumer awareness on the desktop.

TheFind is sourcing local inventory data from Krillion and NearbyNow and will bring that information to the iPhone, together with the phone’s location awareness. (Slifter offers a less elegantly presented version of this content.) That means individuals out and about will be able to determine what store near them has the desired pair of Brooks running shoes or the particular flat-panel TV they’re interested in.

When they’re in store X and it’s out of a particular item people will thus be able to check and see if another nearby store offers the same or a comparable product. There’s also nice continuity between the desktop and mobile in the app.

Mobile users are already doing in-store price comparisons on mobile devices and TheFind’s new iPhone app represents a more complete mobile shopping experience.

TheFind Local

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