Google StreetView Rolling Out More Places

Google has been collecting images from major metro (and rural) areas around the globe. Now it’s starting to roll them out more quickly.

Japan and Australia have been introduced, in addition to the Tour de France route in Europe. Google has been awaiting privacy approvals in Europe before exposing more imagery there.

Here’s StreetView coverage in Toyko:

Google Blogoscoped points out that image-to-text recognition could yield some interesting things for Google. For example, when people search for hotels or restaurants, these images could come up in general search results or be associated with the businesses themselves in Google Maps.

People initially questioned or derided StreetView as a frivilous or intrustive novelty. But the practical aspects of the program become more and more clear as broader coverage is rolled out. (The same goes for Microsoft’s efforts to visually map cities.)


2 Responses to “Google StreetView Rolling Out More Places”

  1. Tim Cohn Says:

    Street view images are already available via.

    After searching for a business address you can click get directions which takes you to maps.

    At the maps page just click on street view and you will get a picture of the location you searched for.

  2. joe Says:

    I, too, was skeptical at first but street view has been a valuable tool in my search for a Florida vacation property and, most recently, the choice of a European hotel.

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