Citysearch Having a Video Sale

I’m not sure whether this is smart or its opposite. According to this release, Citysearch is giving away online video (produced by TurnHere) to new advertisers through the end of August.

This will probably work to get attention and generate some new advertiser accounts. The release doesn’t discuss a minimum ad spend, which is what was previously required to get a video ad on Citysearch. So this may be a clever retooling of that proposition.

I wonder, however, whether it’s a reaction to a bad economy.

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  1. George Says: is also offering free videos to local businesses in Los Angeles and S.F. As everyone knows by now, video is very exciting. I think in the next few years people will discover that video is appropriate for certain areas of the consumer market, right now it seems like everyone wants to use video for everything. I think the small business arena will benefit the most from video which is pretty much the thesis behind

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