New YP Reality: Leverage All Channels

MediaPost has another story this morning that I find interesting, largely about It’s about’s new ad campaign and “three screen strategy”: Internet, TV and mobile — in addition to the traditional medium. Here’s perhaps the most interesting paragraph of the piece:

The company typically experiences double-digit searches from consumers on handsets during those two days [the weekend]. “The majority of all searches on our Web site come from mobile handsets, compared with online,” Crowley says.

That’s an amazing statement. If I read it right, most of the weekend traffic to is coming from mobile phones.

Where once all “traffic” came from the print directory, now it must come from a range of sources:

  • Video (online and U-verse for AT&T)
  • Internet (destination site, network and search)
  • Mobile (WAP, SMS, iPhone, application), also 1-800-Yellowpages

This is itself a snapshot of the fragmented media marketplace and how YP publishers can position themselves to “put Humpty Dumpty back together” for local advertisers if they’re agressive and smart. Simulatenously, they’ve got to get traffic from anywhere and everywhere to make up for print usage declines.

See for example, this slide from G5 Search Marketing‘s Dan Hobin (presented at SMX Local-Mobile):

Look at the relative cost per lead and number of customers generated by each of the media types used. These are real data points and results from one of Hobin’s customers.

Let me qualify this: this is just one customer in one market (I believe). Hobin said that print YP was working much better than this in certain markets. But it indicates the softness in usage in selected areas and the need for YP publishers to “diversify” traffic sources.

Interestingly Superpages and Yahoo deliver better cost-per-lead than general Google search results, but the volumes are considerably less.


Correction: Earlier today a spokesperson contacted me and said the following (via email):

I wanted to clarify re: the MediaPost article this morning (covered on Screenwerk) – as Matt Crowley was misquoted on the web vs. mobile traffic.

So, disappointingly, the statement about mobile traffic apparently is incorrect.

5 Responses to “New YP Reality: Leverage All Channels”

  1. Andrew Shotland Says:

    Greg, is the second Google line for SEO?

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Believe it’s maps

  3. George Says:

    The future of local search is video. Print is outdated and regardless whether its TV, internet or mobile local businesses will have to incorporate video in their ad campaign and plans on leading the charge

  4. Devin Davis Says:


    The second Google and the first Yahoo are, indeed, SEO.

  5. Tim Tevlin Says:

    I would also assume that the Google and Yahoo line items two and three are part of the ‘dirty little secret’ called geo-targeted searches on the main pages of the major search engines. It’s a secret because no one seems to want to own up to the fact that a huge number of local searches are done on the main engines with a city or town name added to the keyword phrase. In other words, local search on Google is far more about geo-targeted searches on the main page than it is about Google Maps. But any of the research I’ve seen seems to ignore this entirely. So yes it is indeed SEO oriented, and now that includes the powerful Video SEO execution tactic.

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