MySpace Classifieds, Now from Oodle

In a major coup for classifieds purveyor-aggregator Oodle, the company is now the source of MySpace classifieds. This replaces the old MySpace classifieds:

Oodle CEO Craig Donato’s blog post says that the Oodle Network now includes 200+ sites. Recently the company added Wal-Mart to that list. Oodle powers classifieds on Facebook too, but it’s not the only classifieds application.

MySpace still has a separate deal with SimplyHired in MySpace Careers.

Oodle has slowly and steadily been building it’s network to the point where it can offer a kind of “one stop shop” for advertisers/marketers/individuals seeking efficient distribution to the broadest possible online classifieds audience — beyond Craigslist.

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  1. Brad Says:

    Along with Wal-Mart, this makes at least 2 major, major deals for Oodle in the space. A couple years back, there seemed to be a lot of “classified aggregators” doing business, but most of them have quieted down, with Oodle taking the lead. Now I guess the question is how well they can monetize?

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    They are monetizing to my knowledge, at what level of efficiency is another question — which I don’t know the answer to.

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  4. Rubi Says:

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  5. myspacebackgrounds Says:

    I wonder how they’ll fare relative to Craigslist.

  6. Jerod Byrne Says:

    Oodle is also supplying the free classifieds of AOL.

    Jerod Byrne
    Free Classifieds

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