The ‘Mapvertising Opportunity’

I’m in the midst of an SMX Local-Mobile session on “mapvertising” (one that I’m not moderating). Keith Ippel of Lat49 is speaking. Here are some interesting details from Ippel’s presentation:

  • 8 billion map impressions are delivered online monthly (not counting mobile)
  • There are typically “three events” for ever map view/impression (e.g., pan, zoom, print, get directions)

Assuming the accuracy of the 8 billion figure, that’s a huge figure that’s comparable to Internet search volumes.

Ippel argued that maps offer both brand advertising opportunities (clearly) and “hyper-targeting” opportunities that can drill down to the street level. The second category is much more challenging because the ad inventory is largely not there — or not there at that kind of granular level. I just asked Ippel the question about the existence of the inventory. He said the inventory will need to be created, largely dynamically. I agree.

4 Responses to “The ‘Mapvertising Opportunity’”

  1. Nick Stamoulis Says:

    Mapvertising… interesting concept. We suppose advertising is limitless these days.

  2. James Nicholson Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that 8 billion map impressions figure is pretty accurate. On we get quite a bit more more map impressions than page views and I would imagine other map-centric sites would find the same thing.

    Clearly, delivering ads on map views is a big opportunity, but as you note the challenge is in building up the geo-targeted inventory.

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    Yes, it’s the same for the larger local marketpace.

  4. Phil Harding Says:

    Very Late response, but what about partnering in categories , with YP, Hotel, etc. …

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