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One way to potentially increase participation and the volume of local reviews is to encourage people to write them on the spot (at the restaurant or shortly after they leave). But the concept of writing a local review on a mobile phone is problematic: the awkwardness of typing on a mobile keypad or keyboard represents a problem.

Google has found an elegant solution by giving people the ability to use a pull-down menu and not asking them to include a narrative (they can if they want). Google’s Mobile Blog explains and I have more discussion over at Local Mobile Search.


6 Responses to “Writing Reviews in Mobile”

  1. Jim Moran Says:

    From a cost vs rewards perspective, I think streamlining mobile reviews will be a great thing for local UGC.

    The restaurant listing might be the last search made on Google maps, and the stars and tiny textarea couldn’t be less intimidating. And I imagine an on-premise review will be more “rewarding.”

    I wonder how this will change the distribution (or polarization) of ratings, if at all.

  2. Greg Says:

    Meaning good vs. bad?

  3. Jim Moran Says:

    Sorry, meaning “cost to the user” vs. “reward to the user.” Hopefully mobile will make adding reviews both more enjoyable and less painful.

  4. Greg Sterling Says:

    The funny thing about this on Google is that it’s easy to use but buried.

  5. Dan Entin Says:

    Zagat (I no longer work there) is now enabling rating & reviewing from ZAGAT.mobi:


  6. Greg Says:

    Thanks Dan. Have a good holiday

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