Example of Praized on Newspaper Site

Here’s an example of the Praized platform and functionality implemented on a local, Canadian newspaper site:

Praized on Cambridge Reporter

Here’s my previous post about Praized.

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  1. Bob C Says:

    Hope they can get some critical mass, heck any mass, community feedback soon. Until then, its value is somewhat constrained, especially when the end-user has almost limitless options when it comes to business lookups online.

    Does Praized aggregate the voting from one site to another? If someone voted on this news site, would that vote be registered somewhere centrally, and manifest itself on other sites that also licensed the praized engine? Clearly, there are pros and cons if they did so. The pro would be you don’t force every licensee to start from scratch and somehow compile enough votes to make the search worthwhile. I suppose the con would be certain communities may vote in ways that are unrepresentative of others.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    On the “Praised Hub” (Praized.com) they reportedly do aggregate the input of the myriad blogs and publisher sites.

  3. Malcolm Lewis Says:

    Imo Yelp is the current gold standard. They have the richest social search infrastructure plus the deepest content — at least for most popular entertainment categories in major metros.

  4. Sebastien Provencher Says:

    @Bob C: votes and comments are always community-specific to respect the opinions of the “tribe”. So, all votes and comments on CambridgeReporter.ca will be specific to that site. Everything is aggregated on our Praized.com hub which allows discovery of other like-minded “tribes”.

    @Malcolm Lewis: we actually don’t see ourselves competing directly with Yelp. We’re a local search platform provider for social media sites. Yelp is a branded destination site. We enable blogs, social networks and other vibrant online communities where there are existing local “conversations” to start having those conversations in a structured way.

  5. Olivier Says:

    It might become frustrating to have to vote and comment each time for the same site in different communities though. 99% of the time, I think I’d vote the same. Comments are more likely to be different, but still annoying in my opinion to have to take into account the community you’re visiting to comment.

  6. mike Says:

    @sebastian: then why build an iphone/mobile site if you are just a widget?

  7. Sebastien Provencher Says:

    @mike: I think widget is a bit of a misnomer to describe what we’re doing. Anyone installing our platform has access to a full-fledged local search section within their own web site.

    Regarding an iPhone/Mobile site, we haven’t announced anything to that effect yet.

  8. Bob C Says:

    @olivier: “It might become frustrating to have to vote and comment each time for the same site in different communities though.” – I think this is a good point, and hopefully Praized will address it. The choice between aggregating or not aggregating may be a false one; there are plenty of in-between approaches such as highlighting the community feedback from users of that particular site, but also indicating somewhere the aggregate sentiment of Internet users. Absent any such representation, I just don’t think individual sites will come anywhere close to the depth that sites like Yelp have.

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  10. Remy Says:

    @olivier & @Bob C According to my experience, you don’t have to. I’ve been using the Praized Facebook App, and other “avatars” of the Praized application, and if I try to praize a business in two different places, the second Praize doesn’t add up. Your profile follows you from one spot to the next.

  11. Olivier Says:

    – does it prevent you to vote in a different community,
    – or does it ask you if you want your vote counted for this new community as well?
    – or does it automatically vote for you in all communities?

  12. AhmedF Says:

    Any stats on its effect on participating sites? (ie increase in traffic, stickyness, etc etc)

  13. Greg Sterling Says:

    I have none. Sebastien probably does however, although it may be early. Also there’s this: http://baylist.sfgate.com/lifestyle

    . . . going on at Hearst’s SF Gate.

  14. Tanya McGinnity Says:

    @Oliver: We’ve built Praized to be based around a ‘Hub and Spoke’ model in which the Hub (Praized.com website) exists with spokes of Praized-fueled communities linked around it.

    Our users have a single sign up process in which they affiliate themselves with one main community and add their votes and comments. This doesn’t prevent users from joining and voting in multiple communities.

    @AhmedF: Re: stats- it is a bit too early for us to assess the full effects that Praized is having on participating sites, but we are tracking this information and hope to have some case studies soon.

    Hope this helps to clarify. We’re here if you have any additional questions.
    Tanya at Praized Media

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