Zvents Adds Paul Levine to Board


Zvents is a very interesting site, run by interesting and smart people and I probably don’t write about it enough. Now I have an excuse: former Yahoo Local GM/VP Paul Levine (now at AdBrite) has joined their board. Zvents CEO Ethan Stock is about as thoughtful about local as they come. But Paul brings history, depth and hands-on local acumen (rarely get a chance to use that word) to the board.

Zvents has also been incorporated into the new YPMobile (Yellowpages.com) application for the iPhone.

Zvents has also quietly built considerable reach (many millions of users) through the company’s partnerships with newpspaer publishers and others. They also have growing direct traffic.

Zvents’ ambitions in local extend beyond events into other categories as well.


TechCrunch features a nice picture of Paul (perhaps from Hawaii or Mexico) relaxing with a drink in hand. 🙂


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  1. Bob C Says:

    Paul’s a smart guy and very knowledgable in the local space, down to the details of what matters to the user experience. I’d say a good addition.

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