Praized, YP and Social Media

The launch of Praized illustrates a challenge for YP sites: how to evolve beyond where they are. This is version of the same YP 1.0 vs. YP 2.0 discussion from before.

The paradox of Praized is that it was launched by ex-YP executives but probably couldn’t have been developed within a YP company (despite the YPG Facebook application; Superpages, Citysearch and Yell also have Facebook apps).

IYP sites are now most valuable as tools for contact lookups: address, phone number, etc. Although I’m hesitant to make crude generalizations they’re typically less valuable in comparing or evaluating a range of businesses in a category. Despite adding ratings/reviews IYP sites have lagged local-social sites such as Yelp in key respects. A number of companies, Multiplied Media, AgendiZe, now Praized, have emerged to help extend the distribution of yellow pages advertisers and data into the social media realm.

Yellow pages sites need to broaden frequency and use cases. But like newspapers it may be that the core online destination cannot be evolved dramatically (for practical or “political” reasons) and new sites will need to be created to offer a range of new types of user experiences (verticals, social sites, etc.).

Idearc, in particular, has an opportunity to do that with the domain

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  2. Mark Rimmer Says:

    Hi Greg,

    Very valid point about not being able to dramatically evolve the core online destination.

    I think if you are an established ‘traditional’ IYP and you decide to retrofit ratings/reviews etc to your site, it would be hard to sell that idea to your advertising base (that you want to protect). This differs to a 2.0ey site whereby part of the education process in the business sign-up stage is ” oh and by the way your business may be reviewed” -at least the business knows what they are up for from day 1.

    I think 2 areas where the traditional IYPs will be strong in (and be able to leverage off) for the time being include:

    a) Currency of business listing details – If I was a business owner and I moved / went out of business – Yellow Pages would be my first port of call, not one of the many hyper-local start-ups in my area.

    b) Strong sales force – which is needed for the businesses looking for “Do It for Me” SEM. This SEM (as you have previously pointed out ) will IMHO prevail for some time.
    ^ Although this relates to SEM – the lines between SEM and sponsored IYP listings will blur.

    So essentially what I was trying to say (got a bit off-tangent there), was that I think most of the evolution in IYPs will take place at the business, not user/destination site end.



  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    Interesting. Sales channel is arguably the strongest asset. But I believe the product has to broaden or new products need to be launched to complement the core destination. Without a consumer brand or consumer usage (except indirectly through partner sites) the entire sector declines over time.

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